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12th November

Just to let you know, "It's All About You This November" my 30 day perspective on how to eliminate negative habits has been postponed until next month, when it's going to be "Dearest December..."

2nd November

 Your "Why"

Have you chosen the habit or habits you wish to eliminate  this November?  Firstly you need to get some clarity about why you wish to eliminate them.  Click this link to access your Free Coaching Tool - The "Why" of Goals...

Understanding-The-Why-of-Your-Goals (docx)


It's all about you this November


1st Nov

Every day during November I will be posting a top tip, bit of advice, on how I suggest we can all gently eliminate any negative habits we may have...

The wish to eliminate negative habits comes up regularly within my client base, sometimes it's about binge eating or drinking; excessive use of the internet; unhealthy exercise patterns; negative self talking; constant comparison to others; lack of balance or motivation. There are many forms and types of negative habits, most of us can identify with at least one in our lives, myself included!  

Today I simply want to share with you the "rules" for the next 30days..

1) You must agree to be gentle, be kind and be patient with yourself...

2) I suggest you get a dedicated notebook, this is going to be your time to think, gain clarity, up-skill and make some positive changes in your life and you may wish to record your thoughts and progress...