Home & Confidence

A Fresh Approach – A Unique Service.  Through my Home & Confidence I offer both practical and mentoring support.   My range of services are designed to bring the mind and the home together in harmony.  Look upon it as an investment in your home is an investment in you.

The home and the self are linked so caring for both is vital. Through my experience with interiors, organising, decluttering, colour science and life coaching,  I provide a truly unique range of services.

When it comes to the home it can be hard to declutter or make those fundamental changes to the home and the self. Items can hold meaning and memories that makes them difficult to let go of. That's where I come in. A helping hand not only physically helps but supports through the emotional clutter. A unique and core part of my work is to support and transform the self as well as the home. 

Additionally I offer project management services, perfect for those considering selling their home or estate agents who have clients and are struggling to sell. All you need is a hands on approach to help you get your home ready. I am able to transform your home into a welcoming environment that will impress any buyer!

 There you have it, an albeit brief outline of Home & Confidence and the unique range of services I offer. If these have caught your imagination and you want to know more, please contact me today on 07516 253 556 or send me an email to Laura@confidencematters.co.uk