Are Mondays a struggle for you?

Reflect on this for a moment or two….

If the answer YES, then maybe just maybe you could benefit from some Life Coaching Sessions.

Each session lasts between 60 – 75mins, during which we investigate what is important to you, what is your current situation, what are your plans or desires, or maybe your blockages around your future.   We then drill down a little and investigate how you can move forward in your life, we place timescales against things and we also agree how you will know when you have achieved what you wanted, i.e. how will we know when Life Coaching has worked for you…

I have a weekly Monday Belfast Practise, afternoon and evening appointments are currently available during November & December.

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Disturbance, then clearance, then growth…

I have had the pleasure of working with a new and very special client this week. She loves flowers. During our work together it occurred to me that rebuilding a life and home (both on the emotional and physical) is similar to the way poppies grow. First may come some disturbance, then some clearance and support, finally things can then grow and flourish….

Self Protection – Life & Home

I believe our need to protect our physical homes should be as strong as our need to protect our personal well-being and vice versa.  For clarity, when I talk about protection of our well-being I refer to protection on all aspects of life, home, career, finances, health, fun time, personal growth, partner, friends and family.

We all acknowledge the need to protect our homes; we insure them, we shut our windows and we lock our doors.   But how many of us pay as much attention into really protecting ourselves?  Our homes can be seen as a metaphor for our lives.    I believe if we do not protect our emotional well-being we in effect are not protecting our homes and vice versa.   Most of us would never dream of not having our building or contents insurance paid and up to date.      But do we all do the same when it comes to insuring our emotions?        Before we proceed, please can I ask that you do not read this blog and instantly distance yourself from it till you read the next paragraph?

A lack of emotional protection can manifest in our homes in a number of ways.    The majority of people who value their homes, whether they own them, rent, house share are highly functioning individuals, ie, they have jobs, responsibilities, children; they are income makers, income generators and carers; they have good social and community networks.   But a large percentage of these same people are constantly redecorating, maybe regularly coveting images in home interior publications, buying items and gadgets for their homes, but constantly have a sense of unease in their own home?     Maybe they never feel satisfied or in balance?    They can be found thinking, searching or striving for something else.     Are you one of these people?     If the answer is yes, then please continue to read, I am about to start to explore the principle of what I call “coming home to yourself.”

For me, self-protection starts within my physical home.     My home is where I go to recharge my batteries, it’s where I find my piece of mind, it’s where I can be at my most creative and maybe most importantly of all, it’s a place where I give out and receive love.       On a practical level for me this all starts with a comfy place to sit, a relaxing bath and a good night’s sleep!     So, it’s my kitchen come living room, bathroom and my bedroom are the most important rooms in my home!   I declutter, clean, decorate and organise these three rooms regularly.     I have a passion for home styling and understand the importance of colour when it comes to creating the right environment.    I also treasure personal items.   These belongings I place with love in my favourite rooms.

As an Accredited Life Coach & Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programme (NLP) Practitioner I have studied the universal laws and the well-theorised principles around how our emotional state directly impacts our thoughts and behaviors. Then in turn our decision-making processes.    I can reflect on some of the “wrong decisions” I have made in the past and I see a direct relation to those decisions and times when I was emotionally, physically and financially depleted after not protecting myself.

So if you want to hear more about the importance of self protection, the principle of coming home to yourself get in contact today and arrange your Free Introductory Session.

Laura from Confidence Matters


My Daily Practises

Before I share my daily practises I want to give you a little background into me…..I am Laura Thompson, Daughter, Sister, Auntie, and Friend.  I believe myself to be a very happy, energized, balanced, some say quirky nearly forty five year old.     As I write this the winter sun is shining both outside and inside my world.     This was however not always the case.

During 2009 I lost my home.    I jointly owned my home with my then partner.     The reasons for me losing my home now seem so obvious.  I had lost myself.     I had given everything of myself initially to a career and then to a person and situation that was never going to be a happy or balanced.    For the first time ever in my life, nothing in my life was built on firm foundations.  I had entrusted my heart, money and home into a life very different from the one I knew.    I wish to stress, I am not blameless, I was complicit, I got involued and I stayed, for five years.    I ignored my own intuitive emotions and thoughts.  Upon the inevitable breakdown of the relationship and after receiving desperately poor legal representation, in 2009 I lost my home, my job and with it all my money and security.

I now fully accept and understand how I ended up in the place that I did in 2009.     These subsequent eight years have been a source of great learning and growth for me, it’s been a time to reflect, forgive, accept, learn and upon hindsight, I have given myself permission to think!     Sounds simple, but I do not think I did it much before.

Gifting yourself, a time to think, is the first of my daily practices that I wish to share with you.      If only I had thought things over a bit more before I took that job, entered into that relationship, bought that house…….   I said it so often in fact, I actually began to bore myself with the conversations!     It was at that point, the point that I left “my story” behind that I began to move forward.   I now see I was “brought to my knees” or “took myself to the edge” (different sayings I discovered for different types of folk who have different ways of seeing things!) for only good reasons.     Whilst at times I have struggled with that other well-known saying “we are only sent what we can handle” I now see I am where I am meant to be, for very good reasons.

I am now very aware, that actually taking the time to think is exceptionally important for me at this stage in my life and development.   In fact I take time every day to think.     I also think being in the right space to think is important.   I suggest you create a safe, peaceful and warm environment to do this in.   My favourite place is actually the bath!   You will find me most evenings, submerged in bubbles, candles lit, sometimes in silence or sometimes with music.

My second daily practice is clearing my emotional clutter.   This is as simple as it sounds; I banish from my mind the nonsense that I collect on a daily basis!   How do I do it?   To me it’s really rather easy now, I use that well documented home decluttering method, I metaphorically pick up the thought and I ask myself, do I need it?   Is it broken, can it be fixed?   Of what benefit is it to me?   Can I pass this onto someone who needs it?!     Or I just dump it!

My third daily practice is checking in with my connections.   The people who we share our lives with are so obviously important that sometimes I think we overlook the huge significance of this.       For me for instance, I love being in the company of open, carefree, stimulating, creative, joyful folk!       And funny enough, it is exactly these types of people that I invite into my home when I am having a dinner party.

I invite you to take some time to think, clear your emotional clutter & check in with your connections.   Now go ahead and write down a list of people whom you would like to invite into your home tonight for a little dinner party………….