Laura is an Accredited Life Coach & NLP Practitioner.  She is exceptionally intuitive and has a natural ability to see a different perspective. Laura helps clients create balance and confidence in their lives. To each of us there is a physical, emotional and mental You. Laura gets to the heart of the You. She is both professionally trained and qualified by experience. Laura has the tools and understanding to help you create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self. She can help you improve your confidence and increase your understandings so that your life is filled with love, vitality and enthusiasm.

This is Laura's second career.    She recognises and passionately advocates that at any time any of us can learn new skills and create new life experiences for ourselves.   After graduating in 1993 with a Textiles Degree Laura had a successful career in the UK's Clothing Manufacturing Industry.   In 2009 after a series of personal life affirming choices Laura left the industry and took a number of temporary jobs on over the next few years.   Laura knew that she deserved another career, one which like her first she thrived in.     It was around this time that Laura went herself to a Life Coach, that subsequently lead Laura to work with a number of life changing individuals who helped her mature and develop into the person she is today.

During this same period of time Laura started studying again and gained her Life Coaching Diploma & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Certification.

Now, in her second career as a Life & NLP Coach Laura is back working in a field she thrives in.   Additionally Laura has created a life and lifestyle which suits her own values, beliefs, personality and dreams.   If you would like to do the same, why not contact Laura today...